Castle of Horrors

Now open through October 30th … The Castle of Horrors! From the creators of The House of Pain and DZ Productions comes the NEW best haunted house in Rochester. Wander through the same building as seen on SyFy Channel’s Ghost Hunters. Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson had the opportunity to research this building and found paranormal activity.
Widespread panic has hit the streets of Rochester. No news source has a definitive date of when it started, but sightings have became more frequent. Reports of riots, random acts of violence and cannibalism have erupted all over the world. The CDC has released a statement, informing the public to be aware of this oncoming infection. Anyone seen with decaying features, unresponsive to verbal commands, lifeless eyes, and a taste for human flesh should be avoided and immediately reported to the proper authorities.
The CDC has set up a safe zone inside the Main Street Armory. Patrons will be screened, and tested for the “zombie” infection. Those cleared will be administered with the anti-virus to prevent further infection. Due to the nature of this epidemic, screening will be limited to certain dates and times. Admission is 20 dollars to receive your anti-virus treatment.