What is the Rochester Main Street Armory’s Ghost Investigation?This is not your typical Haunted House or Ghost Walk. We do not have individuals hiding or in masks trying to scare you. There are no fake spiders, props, or decorations. Everything is authentic to the building, including the alleged ghosts. You will be placed into a group and then perform a real investigation.

Is the Armory haunted?

Well, if you ask the SyFy Channels Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson from Ghost Hunters the answer is yes. Do you believe them, we don’t know, but this is the opportunity to research for yourself into the paranormal unknown.

Investigation Format
There are 3 floors in the Armory set up for investigation which include the main floor, the basement, and the upstairs. We offer A two hour investigation for Beginners to learn the ins and outs of Ghosthunting that includes a large group introductory, ghost hunting with the MSA staff, and a debriefing on findings. We will also be offering a 3-4 hour Independent Ghost hunt for more experienced investigators.

What if I am too scared to finish?
Each group contains a Group Leader & Professional and in the event that you are unable to finish a Group Leader will help escort you out of the investigation area. Furthermore, all sales are final and there are no refunds for not completing your Ghost Investigation.

How much does it cost?
It is $35 per person, cash only, payable to the lead investigator prior to your investigation.

How many people per group?
The average group is 12-15 people for the Beginner class. The advanced Independent investigation may be between 6-10, depending on group.

Are Group discounts available?
Yes, depending upon the group size but you must call 585-232-3221 for specifics and scheduling details.

What is the schedule?
please call for dates & reservations. 585-232-3221

Recommendation for scheduling
We strongly recommend that you form a group first and then call to reserve your place in an upcoming investigation.

Professional Suggestions for Attire
Wear sneakers or good shoes , no high heels, dress in layers as it may be quite cold in the building.

Other Professional exceptions for successful evidence collection
No gum chewing, eating or drinking during an investigation (as it can lend to false auditory evidence on recordings) The Ghosthunt is for those serious about investigating the paranormal and collecting evidence of the afterlife. This can range from amateur to expert investigators. Please respect the seriousness of the Ghosthunt by refraining from using flashlights while others are investigating (use only when needed, to light walking path or other obstacles), joking, laughing, loud conversation, walking around when others are conducting recording sessions.

A waiver must be signed before participating in the Ghost Walk. The Main Street Armory is not responsible for any injury or lost or stolen property.