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EDM TAKEOVER Manufactured Superstars,BadBoyBill

dR Jamo

Fri, August 24, 2012

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm (event ends at 11:30 pm)

$35.00 - $40.00

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This event is 18 and over

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Manufactured Superstars
Manufactured Superstars
You're not dreaming. This is real. The club you‟re in feels as though the entire building is the VIP area, not just because of the lingerie models wearing black nerd-glasses piling over you to reach another bottle of bubbly, or the gyrating wall-to-wall moshpit that‟s the dancefloor. Tonight feels special because the DJs – the engine of the party – are rockin‟ it like you‟ve never imagined. Oh, and they‟re wearing matching NASA spacesuits and there‟s a six-foot-tall teddy bear onstage hyping the crowd like a maniacal MC. The DJs are MANUFACTURED SUPERSTARS, and tonight is every night. MANUFACTURED SUPERSTARS are BRADLEY ROULIER and SHAWN SABO.

As DJs, their performance style is as high-energy, accessible and fun as it is technically challenging. Although their DJ performances have been described as "mash-up" or "open-format" by many in the music press, what they really do is create a non-stop tornado of happiness when they spin. This can be evidenced by the countless smiling faces in their crowds and the consistently sold-out shows.

As owner of Denver‟s esteemed Beta Nightclub, ROULIER also understands venue operations better than most DJs who‟ve never needed to worry about profit-and-loss statements. Whether they are DJing the mainstage at outdoor festivals (i.e. Identity Festival, Nocturnal Wonderland, Ultra Music Festival, Electric Daisy Carnival, the Beatport Pool Party during WMC/Miami Music Week, Red Rocks/Global Dance Festival, Lief Festival) or playing the world‟s best superclubs (i.e. XS Club in Las Vegas; LAVO, Pacha and Greenhouse in New York; Fluxx and Voyeur in San Diego, Playhouse in Los Angeles), when MANUFACTURED SUPERSTARS take the stage, the party has officially begun.

The MANUFACTURED SUPERSTARS have long been technologically savvy, and technology coexists organically in their everyday lives. ROULIER is a co-founder and founding member of leading digital music retailer, BEATPORT.COM. SABO was an original employee of BEATPORT and he remains a member.

Formed in 2006, the MANUFACTURED SUPERSTARS cut their teeth in the American club scene of the late-„90‟s. Previous pseudonyms included "B-Rad" for ROULIER and "DJ Sabotage" for SABO, monikers they no longer use. Both are experienced producers; ROULIER was also a leading club promoter in Colorado, and SABO traveled the U.S. as a popular drum-and-bass DJ with more than 20 commercial vinyl drum-and-bass releases to his name. Today as MANUFACTURED SUPERSTARS, they hold down vital club residencies at prime spots including XS Club at The Wynn in Las Vegas and Beta Nightclub in Denver. It‟s not unusual to hear the pair blaze through 100 or more tunes in the span of a two-hour DJ set, and those sets often traverse from mainstream pop to underground prog-house to urban-infused electro and beyond. The duo is ever expanding their radio mixshows and podcasts, and their thrilling club mixes can be heard on top terrestrial, satellite and webradio stations around the globe.

Twenty-eleven has been a busy year for the MANUFACTURED SUPERSTARS, and as always, presentation is key. From their costuming to the visuals used in their shows, the moment fans spot the matching NASA spacesuits, music-lovers know the party is on! The cosmos have welcomed the MANUFACTURED SUPERSTARS with open arms, as exemplified by their unprecedented shows at the Kennedy Space Center in Washington DC in 2009, and in 2011 at the private event celebrating the inaugural launch of the Virgin Galactic space port.

The MANUFACTURED SUPERSTARS have received high-octane boosts from within the gaming industry, too, by having their music and avatars featured in the social-networking, geo-based- location video game, BOOYAH‟s „Nightclub City: DJ Rivals.‟ (To date, Nightclub City boasts more than 20 million active users worldwide.) The MANUFACTURED SUPERSTARS inked a recording deal with the venerable Black Hole Recordings, helping to bring the duo to the forefront of the global EDM scene with a steady flow of new releases and critically acclaimed music videos, including the first singles from their forthcoming as-yet-unnamed studio album: "Angry Birds" and "Drummer Drums"; "Take Me Over" featuring Scarlett Quinn (video directed by Christopher Andrews); "Serious" featuring Selina Albright; and "Drunk Text" featuring Lea Luna. Both "Take Me Over" and "Drunk Text" have received immense support at radio, including charting on SIRIUS XM RADIO. An E.P. titled Freak On You (Black Hole) is scheduled for release during Thanksgiving 2011; and the latest single, "Silver Splits The Blue" featuring Christian Burns is slated for a Christmas 2011 release. Plans are also underway for a full-length studio album in 2012, in addition to the duo‟s relentless touring.
Said SABO of MANUFACTURED SUPERSTARS‟ core philosophy, "We just wanna play great tunes and be the funnest DJs out there!"
Bad Boy Bill
Bad Boy Bill
To call Bad Boy Bill accomplished would be a bit of an understatement. Voted America's Favorite DJ (BPM Magazine). Winner of URB's Massy Poll. Co-founder of, the leader in electronic dance music downloads. That might be enough success for some, but not for this world-renowned DJ. With over two decades of DJing under his belt, Bad Boy Bill is ready to release his first full-length artist album.

"I think people are going to be surprised because its different than what they probably expect from me," says Bill. "And I like that."

Out July 28, Bad Boy Bill The Album (Nettwerk) packs a double punch: the impressive collaborators we anticipate from an industry vet (Duran Duran's John Taylor; Alyssa Palmer; JJ Flores; Steve Smooth; Alex Peace), combined with unexpected self-aware lyrics and unique production that seamlessly weaves Bill's electronic edge into rock, hip hop, and rap.

While most of the tracks on The Album have been closely guarded secrets, Bill has previewed lead single "Falling Anthem" extensively, to rave reviews. Number 9 on the Billboard Dance Chart and steadily climbing, the track features vocals by the talented producer and singer Alyssa Palmer, and has already been remixed by Herve, Harry Choo Choo Romero, and Sylvane.

Now an international house icon, Bad Boy Bill got his start as a teenager, DJing at local parties, entering DJ battles, and throwing his own events. He won the first DJ battle he entered. As a senior in high school, Bill started his own record label (International House Records) and signed tracks from DJ Pierre, Mr. Lee, and others. Between 1995 and 2001, Bill released five volumes of the Bangin' The Box series on his own label, Mix Connection Multimedia. It became one of the best selling series in dance music history. During that time, Bill also founded Moody Recordings, which released the international hit "Get Get Down" by Paul Johnson.

In 2003, Bill shook things up with Behind the Decks, a full length Mix CD + Mix DVD containing visuals from him live show. Bill took it to another level in 2006 with his follow up project, Behind the Decks Live, which captured the live show that has made Bill a favorite in a full length DVD and Mix CD.

This summer, Bill will surprise longtime fans and attract droves of new ones with his first full-length artist album, introduced by the first single, "Falling Anthem." The mid-tempo dance track is propelled by a sparse and steady driving beat, but the real focus is on the gorgeous, plaintive vocals from Alyssa Palmer.

Featured on "Do What U Like" as well, Palmer helps set the tone for an upbeat, positive album. "Do What U Like" has all the makings of an instant club hit: funky and futuristic with slick production, racing rhythm, and robotic, commanding vocals.

With "Fast Life" (written on his cell phone via text at 6am in an airport) Bill takes advantage of a perk of recording your own music: lyrical catharsis. "I definitely think it is a fast life we DJs live," says Bill. "It's kind of never ending. It's always another city and club every week. I have been travelling this way for over 12 years, and when I look back, its like 'Wow, it flew by.' But being able to do what you love is a gift, when you combine them all, that's my life and I love it."

Alex Peace slings staccato lyrics like "nonstop fast life / different city every night / no sleep late night" over jagged and fuzzed electro beats that start and skip at random intervals.

Exercising artistic license, Bill taps into his love for and knowledge of an array of musical genres, from rock n' roll ("Got That Feeling") to rap ("Headlock," "Honey"). He goes back to where it all started with a cover of Herbie Hancock's "Rockit" ("because of the scratching, it really got me into the art of DJing," Bill says), and gives new life to a ballad by speeding up one of Palmer's stunning songs ("If I Tell You").

From start to finish, Bad Boy Bill The Album is everything you would hope for from a genre staple looking to shake things up: adventurous, experimental, fresh, and yet authentic with Bill's signature electronic edge layered into every track. America's Favorite DJ may just be America's
Venue Information:
Marina Jeep Arena @ The Main Street Armory
900 East Main Street
Rochester, NY, 14605